Open Routes

Below is a list of open routes. If you would ike to volunteer for one or more of these routes, please contact us.

Greenfield Route 1 / Greenfield South - South side of Greenfield along State Road 9.
Available - Every other Monday.

Greenfield, Route 2 - Westside of Greenfield - stops run between State Rd 9 on west to Windswept Road.
Available - 5th Wednesday; Every Thursday

Greenfield, Route 3 - stops are at Good Shepherd Manor off of Green Meadows Drive, as well as behind Chicago's Pizza and Kirkpatrick place behind hospital.
Available - Every other Monday; Every other Friday

Available - Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Route 4 - stops are on the east side of Greenfield which is between Apple Street and Blue Road
Available - 2nd & 4th Mondays, 3rd & 5th Thursdays, Friday's.

Available - Every Wednesday, Every other Friday

Available - Every Wednesday; Every other Friday

New Palestine
Available - 3rd Monday; Every Wednesday; Every other Friday

For further details, please contact us at (317) 477-4345 or by email at